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Smart Care Garage Door Services, a family owned and operated company for over 15 years, servicing our community and the Grater Toronto Area.

Our knowledgeable and insured technicians are fully equipped with high quality repair parts and necessary tools, so all your urgent garage door needs will be met on the same visit.


You will be offered our preferred pricing and flexible payment options, fast and easy scheduling process and straightforward advice and solutions to assist you with your garage door needs.

The process is easy and transparent so you know exactly what you are getting. We will always do anything required to ensure that your garage door and opener perform properly for years to come.

Building New Garage Doors

You might be renovating your home and you need a new door as a key part of it.


Garage door installation plans will vary based on the demands you hold for your door.

Designing Garage Doors

There may be cases where you need a new door design to give new feel to your home.


Garage Door Repair solutions are crucial to ensuring that your property will be fully accessible

Garage Doors Maintenance

Your door might be damaged and needs to be replaced and maintained altogether.


Garage door openers are the key to making it easier for your door to move up and down as needed.

What We Do?

In terms of the repair process, you can get a variety of things done to make it easier for your garage door to stay functional:

The tracks on a door can be repaired to help get the door to move properly.

Cables that are loose or possibly frayed may be repaired and replaced as well.

Broken components on the door surface itself like cracked glass materials or rusted or dented panels may also be repaired or even replaced if needed.

A keypad may be repaired or checked to see that it is functional.

The opener itself may also be checked to see if it is working properly or if some additional repairs are required.

Noises that may be produced by your garage door can also be inspected and treated carefully.

garage door repair Toronto
Commercial garage Doors Repair

Meanwhile, full replacements may be offered by a garage door repair Toronto. These replacements can work in many cases:


You might be renovating your home and you need a new door as a key part of it.

Your door might also have taken in too much damage and needs to be replaced altogether to make it work again.

There may also be cases where you need a new door to help you with your insulation needs. This includes a new choice that offers a better barrier between outside air and what is inside your garage.

work in many cases:

A great garage door service in Toronto will certainly help you get the most out of your demands. Be sure to contact a service provider to see what you can get for when you need to get your garage door needs serviced effectively and quickly no matter what your demands for a door might be.


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