New Garage Door Installation

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Garage Door Installation

Smart Care Garage Door Service offers a wide range of doors to suit any taste and style. The garage door has become such a prominent part of the facade of new homes that manufacturers now offer more style and color choices.

When researching your options, there are lots to consider:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost


1.Steel (most common and recommended)

  • Wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes
  • Sturdier than aluminum
  • Can rust if scratched or dented



  • The traditionalist’s choice; a range of options for custom design
  • Veneers or overlays offer the look of wood at a lower cost
  • Requires regular maintenance (painting or staining)



  • Wide choice of styles and designs
  • More durable than wood and metal, but can crack if hit hard
  • Newer to the market so not as widely available as wood and metal
  • Generally costs more than metal but less than solid wood



  • Various styles, colors, and designs
  • Low maintenance
  • Rustproof (good choice for salty or humid areas)
  • Less durable than steel; dents easily


Choose a door that complements the architecture of your home and style

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Garage Door Installation Service

The installation may also work with a proper security system. This may entail the use of protective covering materials to keep people from trying to try and open the garage door from the bottom. You can also find options with battery backup support so you can get your garage door open in the event that the power to your home goes out.

You can even ask for tracking materials on the bottom of your door. These can help with identifying when there are items in the way of your door’s path. This ensures that the door will not break apart due to something falling in the door’s range of motion.

Your plans for your garage door installation should be taken seriously. Make sure you think about the needs you have for a quality door so you can get the most out of your service.



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