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Electric Garage Door Openers

        The electric garage door is one of the greatest innovations in the world. It allows for a big and heavy garage door to be opened effortlessly when you have an electric motor garage door.

Sometimes all you need is to repair your existing garage door opener, and not to purchase a new one.

We at Smart Care Garage Doors, deal with all types of repairs whether they be electrical, mechanical or electronic.

If you’re having one of those days where the garage door gets stuck while opening or closing, or if your garage door is not operating as smoothly as it should be, give us a call and our professionals who are experts in garage door repair, will be more than happy help you with any of your garage door concerns by inspecting and repairing  your garage door for you.

The issue could be as simple as the remote or it could be more complicated as in the mechanism of your garage door.

Our professionals will make sure to check all the components of your garage door and opener and get it to work again.

Your electric garage door must be prepared with several aspects to making your garage door functional:


It should provide enough power to get your door opened up the garage door safely.


The strong opener will come with about half a horsepower of strength to help move your door Up and Down.

  • This should work well with practically any kind of garage door remote provided that it’s a universal option or one that is at least compatible with your opener.
  • A backup battery may also be used your electric garage door. This will allow your door to work even when the power to your property is out. The battery will start working when there is no power linked up to your door although so models might run on nothing but battery power only.



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