Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance plans should entail many moves designed to help make it easier for your door to stay intact.

There are plenty of maintenance points that should be used in particular to make your door work properly:


The weather stripping on your door can be replaced as needed. This rubber seal strip should be on the bottom part of the door and should be smooth and in one piece.

Adding lubrication is needed to all moving parts. Spray lubricants like lithium grease can be useful.

The tracks should be cleaned out so the door can clearly move up and down without any problems.

Your door’s panels can be cleaned off and washed carefully. Any steel spots that have rusted should be primed and painted so the risk of rusting will not grow.

Rollers must be checked to see that they are not going to wear out or break apart easily. You will have to replace your rollers every couple of years. Look for chips and cracks in your rollers as these are signs of a roller needing to be replaced.

Any sensors used to identify when items are in the way of the door should be maintained properly. They should be cleaned out and aligned properly so the risk of the items wearing out won’t be an issue.

It’s a necessity to listen for any unusual noises that might come about as your door moves along. These areas are often spots where there is far too much fatigue. You may need to hire a Garage door maintenance Toronto professional to help you with finding the fixing a problem before it gets worse.


Check on your garage door in your property regularly. Try reviewing it once a month to see if it is running properly. Your Garage door maintenance routine should be used carefully so the risk of your door breaking down or wearing out prematurely will be reduced.

Garage Door Maintenance Toronto



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