What’s Blocking Up Your Garage Door Tracks?

One of the most common reasons why a garage door might stop working entails the tracks. You need clear tracks to allow the door’s path to remain clear and open. Sometimes items can get in the way of that track.

When something obstructs movement on the track, the door can end up being dislodged from that track. Sometimes the door might simply move back up or down and not go any further. The worst cases often entail the door falling off of the tracks and harming the garage even further.

It is a necessity to get your garage door tracks checked and inspected regularly so they are fully cleared out. Just because they look clear when looking at them from the outside doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always going to be open.

There are many things that can get into your garage door tracks. These include:

  • Small rocks might be in the way of your doors. These can especially get stuck in some smaller spots.
  • Mud buildup can especially be a problem. Mud can collect and harden around different spots over time.
  • Sometimes a lack of lubrication might be a problem. The tracks might be so rough that they can cause parts of the rollers and other features to wear out and become abrasive, thus causing the tracks to be uneven and therefore more prone to have things stuck in them.

The items that can get into your tracks will vary based on your door and its location. Anything could still be a threat depending on how well your door works and how you are aiming to make it work properly.

You have to keep your garage door tracks cleared out regularly to ensure that they will continue to work without any obstructions. There are a few tips that can be used to give you a little more control over how the tracks are working.

  • Use a proper and clean brush to help with clearing out your tracks on occasion.
  • Listen for cases where your garage door is making unusual noises. This might be a sign of your tracks not working properly.
  • A wet rag can also be used to help you clean out your tracks. However, the rag should be smooth and not likely to leave debris or fibers that might build up and eventually cause a backup.

The design of your garage door tracks should be rather easy to work with. That is, it should be open enough to where the door will not be too hard to use. It has to be organized well enough to where it won’t be too rough or otherwise difficult to work with.

The tracks on your garage door must be checked carefully so you will have more control over them. You must keep them open and running properly so they will not cause your door to come off or wear out. This can make a difference when it comes to making your door easier to handle and less likely to break apart.