Garage Door Repair

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Smart Care Garage Door Repair

Our Experienced Technician will inspect your Garage Door for Safety and Long Term Functionality.
Once he performs his diagnostics, he will explain the root of the issue, provide you with ALL existing repair options and the exact cost before he begin working on it.

The main Issues with garage doors:

✓  Tracks of the Garage Door could be damaged from worn out Rollers.

The Vertical or Horizontal  Tracks on your door can be fixed or replaced.

✓  Cables of the Garage Door could snap or loosen.

The broken Cables will be replaced. Custom size Cables will be measured and prepared for you on the spot.

✓  Broken spring of your Garage Door could cause a door operation or opener malfunction.

      Torsion springs should be replaced. Custom sizes are available as well. Our professionals will take care of the process as safely as possible.

✓  Keypad or Remote Controls may stop the Garage Door from opening and closing.

New Keypad or Remote Control that link up to your openers .

✓  Opener of your Garage Door can cause door malfunction if broken.

Your Garage Door Opener can also be repaired or replaced if needed

✓  Rollers of your Garage Door may cause the door falling on you or your vehicle when the rollers are worn out over time.

Worn out Rollers should be replaced. Nylon low maintenance Rollers are available.

✓  Panels installed or replaced for your damaged Garage Door.

      Wood and metal options are available.


Contact us today if you require assistance with your Garage Door or Garage Door Opener repair.

We will certainly help you by getting out to your property as quickly as possible to repair your Garage Door issue.

Our friendly and professional Garage Door Technicians are ready here at Smart Care Garage Doors Service to help you.

Emergency Repair Service

Here at Smart Care Garage Doors we believe in serving our customers no matter when their Garage Door Emergency occurs.


If you need Emergency Garage Door Repair, our skilled repair technician will help you out no matter what time or what day your garage door repair emergency occurs on. We always find a solution to any problem.

Our team of Repair Technicians can respond to your call and get your system fixed properly, quickly and affordably, using top quality replacement parts and expertise.

Just call us and we will be with You very shortly!


Our Team of Experts

The services we offer are provided and performed by our fully trained and experienced professionals who have many years of experience behind their belt in the Garage Door Industry.

Our expert technicians will get to your property at the most convenient time for You. They will perform a diagnostic assessment of your Garage Door Panels and Hardware condition and will provide you with their expert advise based on their professional experience.



Contact us today by phone or online to get an appointment ready. You can easily reach us at any time of day to schedule an appointment. We are available during most daytime hours to help you fix up your door so you will get it ready for regular business.